FUE System

FUE has changed hair transplantation forever. It is a less invasive technique that gives many benefits over standard strip or follicular unit transplants. If you want more grafts per surgery, but fewer transactions, then this procedure may be what you need.

The WAW FUE System is the most advanced hair harvesting system in the world, a time-saving and more productive way of harvesting hair follicles from the donor area. It also lessens the risk of damaging healthy hair follicles. Thus, it increases the survival rate of each graft. The system works on all types of hairs, including thickness. It also does not leave any linear scar in its wake.

The WAW FUE procedure is a hair transplant procedure that is similar to the natural shape

of the follicular unit. It is constructed of punches with an external and internal border. The flat punch features a square-shaped external border. It is sharp enough to cut the scalp at low velocity and under pressure, but not too much. The internal border has a smooth area so that  when it dissects forward, it doesn’t cut or transect the graft.

Dr. Barnard, Dr. Golio, Clinician Daniels, or Dr. Singh can remove more high-quality  grafts with this approach without having to make a wider incision. The WAW FUE technique uses a much smaller incision, which speeds up recovery and makes the scar less visible.

The WAW FUE System is a revolutionary new hair restoration technique. Also, it provides an instant solution to balding and thinning hair with proven results among many satisfied customers.

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How Does WAW FUE Work?

The WAW FUE hair transplant technique is a new way to do surgery that makes it faster and easier. Patients can benefit from this new system, which uses a punch that pierces the skin with less stress. Here at Hair Transplant Specialists – New York City (NYC), we use the most advanced WAW FUE system. The trumpet-shaped punch has an oscillating and rotating design to go deep into the skin without damaging the hair follicle. Hair follicles need protection to survive after being transplanted.

The WAW FUE extraction device cuts down on the damage to hair follicles. It also has a

suction mechanism that speeds up removing them. Additionally, the WAW suction features increase follicular extraction. Thus, it reduces the FUE hair transplant procedural time. The surgery can also help keep the follicles healthy. Plus, this device has a low transection rate. Based on the reports, the damage caused is less than 4%, meaning that grafts from this surgery have more chances to survive.

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WAW Instruments: Better Hair Transplant Tools and Devices

Hair restoration has taken a significant leap from just 10 years ago. Dr. Jean Devroye is at the forefront of this improvement. Dr. Devroye created a new type of punch that can extract hairs without hurting them. The Hybrid Trumpet Punch is a new invention that uses a pedal-powered motor and carefully designed blades to harvest grafts at low speeds. It is also very good at cutting out each hair shaft with surgical precision. Thus, this innovative design preserves more hairs than ever before. It also better patient outcomes due to greater accuracy during surgery.

The WAW FUE system has an updated version that includes wireless control of the three

primary dials. These three main dials are needed to achieve optimal FUE results:

  • The first dial modifies the angle or arc of oscillation.
  • The second dial changes the speed of oscillation.
  • The third dial increases the beginning speed of the punch.

With these features, hair restoration can now change the following:

  • The acceleration speed
  • Oscillation mode
  • Angulation of the WAW FUE punch

It also provides useful scoring counting that individuals can reset at any time.

The Hybrid Trumpet punch offers two options:

  • Dull punches
  • Sharp punches

This new invention has a 90-degree outer edge and a smooth, funnel-shaped inner edge. It

makes skin penetration gentler, and it also prevents trauma.

Threading is a way to remove hair without damaging the follicles. It is essential to know

that hair will grow back when not damaged. With the punch’s suction effect, extraction speeds also increase. Therefore, you can benefit from more hair growth in less time.

When you use deep penetration, high rotation speed, and wide oscillation, the effect is like twisting the hair follicles. This effect occurs when the follicular unit connects with a subcutaneous vessel. If this connection happens, it reduces the speed and depth. So, it doesn’t happen anymore while getting buried under the skin. The ultimate goal of these WAW FUE tools is to produce FUE grafts that are like FUT grafts. Then, produces the same results as those done with FUT. However, going in-depth about all of this revolutionized innovation includes:

High rotation speed and wide oscillation will cause the follicular unit to torsion. That is because the follicular unit ties to the subcutaneous vessel.

This innovative revolution offers the following benefits:

  • WAW FUE tools reduce the rate of transection and pairing.
  • WAW FUE reduces the number of injuries that follicular units sustain during extraction.
  • WAW FUE minimizes the amount of missed grafts and increases the extraction’s intrinsic quality.
  • Doctors can see high-quality grafts. At the same time, you can experience faster completion of the FUE procedure.

Patients now have hair that looks better, less transected, plumper, and more richly designed in the hairline.

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WAW FUE Hair Transplant Advantages

When seeking FUE hair transplantations in New York City, you want the results to be as comfortable and pain-free as possible. The WAW FUE system can help people get the solution that fits their needs. This new approach to hair transplant technology combines instruments with surgeries to offer benefits for patients. This specific design and approach bring about the following benefits:

More Hair Grafts
The Rate of a Transaction Is Significantly Lower
Reduces Scars
Fewer Missing Grafts

More Hair Grafts

Follicular units are conical in form and stretch outward. Your doctor will need to increase the punch diameter, too, so that they can remove the entire graft with sharp punches. This activity increases the risk of harming nearby hair and reduces the number of grafts received. The Hybrid Tornado punch is an excellent way to mix higher-quality grafts and more grafts.

The Rate of a Transaction Is Significantly Lower

With a 90-degree outside edge, the Hybrid Tornado punch may readily pierce the skin. The graft gets carefully handled by a smooth, funnel-shaped inner edge. This funnel-shaped punch moves vertically. The HT punch is a less forceful dissecting instrument, and as transaction rates fall between 3% and 8%, less cause for alarm exists.

Reduces Scars

The diameter of the punches must increase because of the smooth interior shape. Doing so prevents transections. As a result, you won’t have to worry about huge scars on your skin. The Hybrid Tornado punch requires more time during the penetration process. Untying the grafts takes longer, and this high-quality graft makes the extraction process quick and painless.

Fewer Missing Grafts

Sharp punches tend to transect the grafts, whereas dull punches bury them. Hybrid Tornado punches have a problem with missing grafts. The WAW FUE punch has a funnel shape wherein it sucks better and avoids missing fewer grafts.

What Is the Most Effective FUE Hair Transplant Procedure?

The WAW FUE system is gentle on your follicles. With this technology, the chance of damaging a hair follicle will decrease significantly. Also, you will have an all-natural look that can’t even compare to what other procedures offer.

The best device for removing hair should be able to remove individual hairs. These hairs grow from a cone shape. When using a tool like a punch tool to extract these units, an object’s width must expand as it reaches the lower half of the root.

Increasing the diameter as you go deeper also increases the risk of harming some parts of the follicular unit.

It’s considerably easier to remove the graft this way because there are fewer attachments. When the incision is deep enough, you can raise the graft higher. This results in making the graft easier to take out than if it weren’t deep enough. It also leaves more fatty tissue covering the transplant. This covering protects the transplant from dehydration and trauma damage.

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WAW FUE-Assisted Device

The WAW FUE system is a cutting-edge technique that revolutionizes hair restoration. With this new technology, Dr. Barnard, Dr. Golio, Clinician Daniels, or Dr. Singh can cut the outer skin with surgical precision without damaging the hair follicles.

The resistance to cutting will gradually lessen so that surgeons can cut deeper at a slower tempo. Using this device can produce more hairs per graft and reduce damage while speeding up the harvesting process.

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