The Ellis

FUE System

Hair transplant doctors use the Ellis FUE Hand Engine and Titanium-Tipped Punches. This handpiece is lightweight and allows doctors to more easily control the depth of the extraction punch, offering a more comfortable experience.

What Are Ellis FUE Punches?

Ellis FUE Punches are a type of punch instrument in hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant doctors use them when performing FUE hair transplants. The surgeon harvests individual hairs from the donor area and transplants them to balding areas on the head. The punches come in various sizes, with most being between 1 millimeter and 2 millimeters wide.

Ellis FUE Punches can be solid or hollow-tipped with an extra-large clearance hole. Solid punches have small holes at the bottom of each tip for suction. These punches allow the surgeon to extract single hairs without damaging any surrounding tissue. Also, the device enables the donor plugs to exit from the end of the punch, minimizing clogging during follicular extraction. Moreover, Ellis FUE punches maintain a consistent depth of cut in the donor sites.

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How Do Ellis FUE Punches Work?

Dr. Barnard and his team use the WAW FUE system and Ellis FUE punches. They extract a large number of hair grafts without creating a large incision. In doing so, they reduce the risk of damaging the hair follicles during the extraction. These hair transplant technologies speed up the transplantation process, thus limiting the visible scarring that the extraction may cause.

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