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Dr. Singh

Dr. Singh

Dr. Singh is an experienced plastic surgeon in New York City, Long Island, and New Jersey, with more than 10 years of cosmetic surgery, general surgery, plastic surgery, reconstructive, oculoplastics, and hair restoration experience.


New York City, Long Island, and New Jersey



Very experienced, award-winning plastic surgeon.


Board Certified by the American Board of Surgery.


Trained at Harvard, Beth Israel, Yale, Johns Hopkins & AIIMS.


Performs FUT and FUE Hair Transplants.


Skilled at aesthetic, face and body plastic surgery.


67 Publications and over 1,000 Citations.


Outstanding online reputation.

Why Choose Dr. Singh?

  • Trained at Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Beth Israel, Yale & AIIMS.
  • Experienced facial and body plastic surgeon.
  • Skilled in both FUT and FUE Hair Transplants.
  • Completed general surgery & plastic surgery residencies.
  • Won Awards, Gold Medals, Scholarships & Recognitions

Dr. Singh

  • Extensive facial and body plastic surgery experience.
  • Experienced at complex and advanced general surgery.
  • Post-doctoral research fellow at Yale.
  • Brings aesthetic experience to FUT and FUE Hair Transplants
  • Active with the American Society of Plastic Surgery and other societies.

Dr. Singh

  • Trained at Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Yale, Beth Israel & AIIMS.
  • Chief Resident, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School
  • Resident, General Surgery, Oregon Health & Science University, Porland, OR
  • Plastic Surgery Research Fellow, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School
  • Harvard Business School, HBX Core
  • Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Department of Surgery, Yale University School of Medicine
  • M.D. – All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)

Dr. Singh

  • Trained at multiple, top Ivy League medical institutions
  • Post-doctoral research fellow at Yale University
  • Published 67 papers and over 1,000 citations
  • Extensive general surgery and plastic surgery experience
  • Licensed in multiple States including NY, NJ, Maryland & Oregon

Frequently Asked Questions About Dr. Singh

Dr. Singh performs various hair restoration procedures with excellent outcomes. He is adept at performing FUE hair restoration, FUT hair transplants, and hybrid procedures.

Dr. Singh’s specializations include various hair transplant technologies to provide the best solutions for your hair loss challenges:

  • WAW FUE System.
  • Ellis FUE System.
  • S.A.F.E. FUE System.

Dr. Singh completed his M.D. degree at India’s top and most prestigious medical school – the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi, India.

Dr. Singh is specialized in plastic surgery, aesthetic surgery and general surgery.